Choose to experience the action in our version of the Big Blue Nation and you'll be able to choose from a wide array Interior and Exterior campsites that span from Turn 1 to Turn 2 as well as part of our backstretch. 

Exterior sites give you a view of the tight Turn 1 and sweeping Turn 2 as well as the entrance to the speedy backstretch. Interior sites are a short walk away from all the Fan Zone fun! 

Each campsite can accommodate as many as 10 guests. Each guest must possess an infield camping admission pass, which is sold separately. Infield camping admission passes are valid each day the campground operates.

Infield camping admission passes are not valid for grandstand admission. Infield camping guests who wish to enter the grandstand must possess a valid race ticket.

Five-Race Season Campsite:  $400

June Weekend Campsite:       $300 

Call: (859) 578-2300