Season Camping

Millionaire's Row - Electric Service

Our premier Millionaire’s Row Campground has quickly become known as one of the BEST in all of motorsports. It's one of only two campsites with electrical service and is located in full view of our grandstand. Campers enjoy an easy stroll to our main entrance, souvenir midway, shower house and interactive displays. The tiered campground offers some of the best race-day views of our facility!

Lakeside - Electric Service

Lakeside is one of only two campgrounds with campsites equipped with electrical service. The cozy, quaint setting delivers one of the best views of our magnificent Kentucky Tower Grandstand, especially when its lit at night! This unique campground provides an ideal setting for reliving your favorite race moments with family and friends. It also serves well for guests seeking a quieter, family-oriented setting.  

Infield - Traditional

There's no better way to feel the combined 36,550 horsepower generated by 43 NASCAR racecars than in our infield. Interior and Exterior campsites place you in the heart of the action and can accommodate as many as 10 guests. Each infield camping guest must possess an infield camping admission pass which is sold separately. Infield camping admission passes are valid each day the campground operates.

Infield camping admission passes are not valid for grandstand admission. Infield camping guests who wish to enter the grandstand must possess a valid race ticket.

Bourbon Street - Traditional

Our ultra-popular Bourbon Street Campground is nestled in a valley just a short tram ride or walk away from all the race-day fun in our interactive displays and on our souvenir midway. It's the perfect spot for a peaceful rest after a full-throttle day enjoying our events!

Hawk's Landing - Traditional

Hawk's Landing is scenic wooded area that transforms into a friendly neighborhood during race events. Great campsites are a quick bus ride from all the race-day fun. 

Ponderosa - Traditional

Ponderosa is the largest and most versatile of all our campgrounds. Our "campers hub" features showers, a general store and kids activities. Guests can take a quick bus ride to our interactive displays, souvenir midway and entrances.