Whether you're a first-time or experienced visitor to our speedway, you can learn great tips that will add to your enjoyment of our races and NASCAR competition basics by visiting our First Time Fans, NASCAR 101 and Fan Guide webpages.

Read our list of race-day essentials, review our cooler policy, and learn about getting around our facility and much more through our First Time Fans page. The page also displays videos describing how you can get a behind-the-scenes view of our race weekend with a Kroger Fan Zone pass and experience one of NASCAR's most long-standing traditions by staying in one of our beautiful campgrounds.

Our new NASCAR 101 page brings you videos which explain the inner workings of the NASCAR garage, tire technology, a description of the inside of a NASCAR hauler and even the reasons drivers turn left!

The Fan Guide page provides a thorough review of our rules and regulations along with more essential information.