Kentucky Speedway's racing surface is under major reconstruction, and progress is on-schedule. One of the changes that will most impact racing here is the banking change in Turns 1 and 2. In NASCAR racing, banking refers to the degree of incline of the racing surface. The steeper the banking the less likely cars will lose lateral grip through the turn, which translates into faster race cars.

Turn 1 and Turn 2 banking increases in steepness from 14 degrees to 17 degrees, while Turns 3 & 4 remain at 14. The new racing surface will be ready for our all-NASCAR July 7th - 9th triple-header weekend anchored by the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quaker State 400 presented by Advance Auto Parts to be run Saturday, July 9, 2016. Click here to compare how Kentucky Speedway banking compares across every NASCAR track

So what does that mean for racing on Kentucky's unique, new configuration?                                                                    

1. Faster - We anticipate lap times should fall from previous years, and faster racing will likely make Kentucky even more of challenge than it has been historically.

2. It's all-new: Crew chiefs and drivers can pretty much throw out their old KYS notebooks. Practice, qualifying and race notes from previous Quaker State 400 presented by Advance Auto Parts will need to be rewritten. The bottom-line is conquering Kentucky is a completely new challenge.

3. Turns 1 & 2 - Whoa: Anticipated increases in entrance and exit speeds pose are new factor never dealt with at Kentucky. In previous races, we've seen multiple spins on the exit of 2 as drivers get back into the throttle to maximize speed down the 1,600-foot backstretch. We anticipate even more excitement into and out of Turn 2.

4. Turn 3 - Hold On Tight: Turn 3 at Kentucky Speedway is arguably one of the most challenging turns on the circuit. Managing speed through the apex and maximizing momentum into Turn 4 will be a whole new ball game in 2016 thanks to the anticipated increase in speed down the backstretch.                                       


We think the stage is perfectly set for NASCAR racing that is going to be even bigger, badder and faster than ever at Kentucky Speedway!