Since 1989, thousands of stock car racing enthusiasts have "graduated" from the FAST TRACK Driving Schools. Kentucky Speedway' will host FAST TRACK on June 23rd and 24th, 2000.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce more race fans to our track," said Mark Cassis, Executive VP/General Manager. "Fast Track has a fine reputation and we're delighted to have them come to the Speedway."

The FAST TRACK Driving School program provides an opportunity for fans to get behind the wheel of a Winston Cup Style racecar; of which some of the cars have competed on the racing circuit. The FAST TRACK fleet includes Chevy, Ford and Pontiac's. The cars are designed for the safety of their participants, and are capable of reaching speeds up to 160 mph, depending on track conditions, experience and the driver's skill level.

"This is our 12th year with FAST TRACK and we are excited about coming into a new speedway, such as Kentucky said Andy Hillenburg, President of FAST TRACK Driving School. We have a lot of students around the country and in the Midwest and this is our chance to come to them. We are going to kick off everything in June and hopefully make Kentucky one of our main tracks in 2001."

Participants can choose from a variety of courses including one, two and three day packages. FAST TRACK also offers a 2-Day Refresher course. All packages include classroom and on-track instruction.

For more information, contact FAST TRACK High Performance Driving School at 704-455-1700 or visit them on-line at

The $152 million dollar Kentucky Speedway', under development and co-owned by Jerry Carroll, remains on schedule for the June 16th & 17th grand opening. Phase I will have 65,989 grandstand seats, 50 luxury suites, and the 210-seat, private, glass-enclosed Kentucky Club. Phase II, which will include a dirt track and drag-strip racing facilities, can expand the 1.5 mile venue to 120,000 seats with 120 luxury suites on the 1,000 acre location 35 miles south of Cincinnati, OH in Northern Kentucky.

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