Kentucky Speedway salutes the members of several fire departments in and around the Gallatin Co. area who have tirelessly assisted residents in restoring their communities after a severe weather system that generated tornado-like winds swept through the area on Sunday, Nov. 10. Serious injuries were minimal and there were no fatalities.

Gallatin Co. is home to the speedway in Northern Kentucky. Many of those leading and assisting clean-up efforts form the Kentucky Speedway Fire & Safety Team during race weekends, NASCAR and Indy Racing League driver test sessions and driving schools. Charles Williams, manager of Kentucky Speedway Fire & Safety Operations, said that up to 12 members of his team were involved.

"This is one way that Kentucky Speedway can make its resources available to the communities which strongly support our operation throughout the year," said Williams. "We host four race weekends a year, but we live and work here year round. We want to continue to be good neighbors to those touched by the storms."

About 30 to 40 residences were affected in the county by the high winds, which whistled over Turn 1 of the racetrack, damaging the homes and farms adjacent to the facility. No damage occurred at the track.

Since it opened in 2000, Kentucky Speedway has made its on-duty Fire & Safety Team members and its Infield Care Center available to emergency teams serving Gallatin Co.