Kentucky Speedway™ Chairman and Developer Jerry Carroll presented the 1000th cap in the history of the Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati (ALGC) "Caps for Kids" program to patient Daniel Jones on May 11 in the Oncology-Hematology Unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati (CHMCC). The ALGC founded "Caps for Kids" in 1998 and originally delivered only hand-painted and decorated caps created by members to patients. The league began delivering sports-related caps last year after a young patient specifically requested a NASCAR race cap.

"We are delighted to be part of this program, I can't think of a better way to give back to our community," Carroll said. "As motorsports, especially NASCAR, is so popular among our kids, I'm honored to present our official Kentucky Speedway cap as the 1,000th in the history of 'Caps for Kids.'"

The hospital's Oncology-Hematology Unit is made up of five centers, 16 full-time faculty members and two professors emeriti dedicated to caring for more than 2,500 children and adolescents annually. The unit is distinguished in patient care and calls on the "Caps for Kids" program to provide a pleasant distraction from patients' medical procedures.

"Of all the caps we've presented over the years, hats from NASCAR have been by far the most popular," said "Caps For Kids" Coordinator Audrey Stehle. "The kids identify with the drivers and their sponsors and we are delighted to have Mr. Carroll and our local track present the 1000th cap in our program's history."

Kentucky Speedway will be a regular contributor to "Caps For Kids". Visiting drivers, race team and Kentucky Speedway representatives will visit Children's Hospital during each of the four weeks racing events will be held at the speedway this summer. The 2001 racing season kicks off this weekend, May 11-12, at the speedway. Racing events also will be held June 15-16, July 13-14 and August 10-12. Fans can call 888-652-RACE (7223) or visit for ticket and event information.

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