Firefighter/Paramedics are well prepared for the everyday fire and medical related emergencies. At the new Kentucky Speedway™ this past week end, 75 Track Safety team members completed a 16 hour Accident Care Team (ACT) - Motorsport Safety Class and are "race ready". This is a very specialized two-day, labor intensive, hands-on course that prepares safety workers to handle all the special situations on the racetrack. Specialist from Lowes Motor Speedway, North Carolina Community College, and Res Q Teck, Inc. conducted the course.

Students were introduced to all aspects of the racing environment. The first day included track and pit road safety, live fuel and fluid fires, and what not to touch. Special emphasis was given to learning how to cut up a racecar to get to an injured driver. "There is certain do's and don'ts with these specialized cars. We really wanted have everyone on the same page and now they are. This also allowed us to pick teams leaders for raceway operations," said Charles Williams, Manager of Fire and Safety for Kentucky Speedway™.

Participants were taught how to get away from a racecar on the track that was coming at them.

The second day consisted of all types of real life scenarios. "We had an actual race car that was into the wall and the students responded to the car from the same locations as they would during a race. They had to get the driver out and also protect themselves at the same time. While they dealt with the driver we actually had several real race cars going around the track just like they would during a caution flag," said Williams.

"Kentucky Speedway™ took the initiative to have this class. We wanted everyone to know what to expect and how to deal with the special situations they would be dealing with. Our people are trained and ready to go. Were good to go!" said Williams. The completion of this course comes just in time. The Kentucky Speedway™ opens up for testing the beginning of May.

The $152 million dollar Kentucky Speedway™, under development and co-owned by Jerry Carroll, remains on schedule for a June 16 & 17, 2000 grand opening featuring NASCAR® All-Pro™ and NASCAR® Craftsman® Truck Series™ events. The new facility will have a paved, 1.5-mile, tri-oval track with 14º banking in the turns, and lighting for nighttime events. Phase I will have 65,989 grandstand seats, 50 luxury suites, and a 210 seat, private, glass-enclosed Kentucky Club®. Phase II, which will include a dirt track and drag-strip racing facilities, can expand the 1.5 mile venue to 120,000 seats with 120 luxury suites on the 1,000 acre location 35 miles south of Cincinnati, OH in Northern Kentucky. Press room archives 5/26/00

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