SPARTA, Ky. - Kentucky Speedway recently welcomed its 2014 Fan Council to an orientation and first meeting of the year.  

Members will take part in a series of meetings with the speedway management team during which they will share ideas and opinions about event experiences.  

Council members will additionally volunteer during speedway events and interact with fans.  

"We thank our Fan Council members for their time and energy. We're grateful for our members' passion for making our entertainment experience the best it can be," Kentucky Speedway General Manager Mark Simendinger said.  

The 2014 council is pictured above.

Front row (from left): Jim McGillivray, Nancy Wilson, Deb Barnett, Lindsey Doyer, Debbie Rauch, Kathy Quebberman and Steve Burriss.

Back row (from left): Bill Kuehnhold, Will Gonzalez, Jan Michael Lambdin, Chris Taylor, Kraig Jones, Joel Parquette and Greg Robbe.

Members Billy Brumfield, Thomas Coffey and Barry Lockard are not pictured. 

Fan Council comments:

"Being on the Kentucky Speedway Fan Council is AWESOME. We are able to give input for the fans and the team does an awesome job to be sure the fan gets the ultimate experience while attending speedway events." - Deb Barnett

"I wanted to contribute to improving the Kentucky Speedway race experience for all fans. I wanted to contribute and make a difference in the sport I love. Kentucky Speedway is my 'Home Track.' I also gain knowledge of the behind-the-scenes workings of the Kentucky Speedway." - Steve Burriss

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve on the 2014 Fan Council. I look forward in helping Kentucky Speedway continue to become one of the best venues in racing!" - Thomas Coffey

"Fifty years of being a NASCAR nut, visiting almost every track, meeting top drivers as well as seeing the inner workings of many teams and tracks, hopefully, allows me to be of help for the future via the Fan Council." - Bill Kuehnhold

"Fan councils are incredible initiatives by tracks to improve the fan experience. I wanted to become a member of the fan council at Kentucky Speedway to express my thoughts and ideas, as well as learn from track management and fellow fans as we work to make Kentucky Speedway the best race experience on the schedule." - Jan Michael Lambdin

"I joined the Kentucky Speedway Fan Council so that we can provide valuable input and feedback to make the NASCAR experience at Kentucky - the BEST." - Jim McGillivray

"The Fan Council provides another great example of how Kentucky Speedway puts a strong emphasis on listening to the voice of the customer. With such a premier track right in our backyard, I've had the joy of introducing my kids to the fun and excitement of speedway racing. Being on the Fan Council gives me a unique opportunity to provide Kentucky Speedway with direct feedback on our experiences, highlighting both the things that are working well and those things that can be improved." - Will Gonzalez

"I want to be on the Fan Council because I want to be able to provide input that will help make race days easier and more enjoyable for my group and other race fans." - Joel Parquette

"I wanted to join the Fan Council so family and friends and myself could directly express our opinions and concerns about the fans' experience at KYS. Sharing ideas is a great way to help the speedway grow." - Kathy Quebberman

"I love Kentucky Speedway, so far for me it just made sense to try to become part of the Fan Council. Anything I can do to help the speedway bring fans more of what they want and make the races here even more special was something I wanted to part of." - Chris Taylor

"I wanted to be part of an organization that values the importance of the fan experience plus have the ability to give input on making Kentucky Speedway the number one Fan choice." - Nancy Wilson

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