All though he has been around the track many times in private vehicles DW had never been on the track in a racecar. DW, Grand Marshal of the Inaugural race, wanted to race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck race held last June but schedule conflicts with the Winston Cup Series prevented it. At long last Darrell Waltrip got the chance to take his #66 Kmart Ford for a spin around the Kentucky Speedway during a test session on Tuesday July 25, 2000.

Now that he has driven his #66 Kmart Ford at the Kentucky Speedway what did he think about the track?
The track, I've seen the race, the truck race on TV, I watched the ARCA race on TV, I've listened to what the IRL guys all had to say about the track. And, basically everything that they said is the same thing. I just verified everything they said the track smooth, it's real driver friendly, its easy to run on, it's not a track where you go and say man I don't know about that third turn, or woo boy that's a little scary getting down in there, it's a very comfortable track to run on, that's why we seen such great racing here so far. It's obvious you can run side-by-side, it's real easy getting in and out of the turns, it's everything I thought it would be. It's kind of exciting to think that we actually planned it that way and it turned out that way! It's pretty neat.

What do you think about the overall facility now that it is completed?
I think when you have a good product, people come and ….it's like a McDonalds, you know when you go to McDonald's you know what your gonna get, and I think that's what this racetrack is like. It's very friendly, it's a great atmosphere, the garages, the grandstands, everything is perfect. I mean honestly, I mean I know I had something to do with it, but I honestly think it's the most perfect facility I've been too. I mean there's nothing that you can say…well they should have done this or they should have done that. It's just really… in the garages the crew guys are ecstatic about the lounges, the bathrooms, a bathroom in the spotters stand, the Outback Steakhouse cooking steaks constantly for all the guests, the way the garage is so easy to move around in, so much room, it's just everything…I think it's a prototype racetrack myself.

The track was resurfaced the end of May, are there any problems with the surface?
Oh, no. Of course I didn't drive on it initially I guess when they did the tire test for the trucks there were some issues, and of course as everybody knows they just dug it up and repaved it. So , the IRL cars have been here and they say it one of the smoothest racetracks they've been on…I just came from Indy, which is by far and away the smoothest racetrack I've been on, and there very compatible and very similar the surface is excellent. We may being the perfectionist that we are may tweak on it down the road but right now I'd say it's perfect.

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