Kelley Racing team members Jason Priestley and Bernie Hallisky continue to make dramatic improvement as they recover from injuries received in separate accidents on August 11 at Kentucky Speedway. Both are now in intensive physical therapy and rehabilitative programs. Doctors fully expect Priestley and Hallisky to make complete recoveries.

Priestley has undergone surgery to repair broken feet, a broken vertebra and nasal and facial bones following his accident during the final pre-race practice for the Infiniti Pro Series at Kentucky.

On Friday, Priestley's doctors removed stabilizing hardware from his feet to allow increased bone density as his feet continue the healing process. New casts were applied following the simple outpatient procedure to remove the hardware. It is anticipated these casts will be removed in approximately three weeks and replaced with removal casts that will allow him to begin weight-bearing therapy.

Hallisky is involved in a daily therapy program to rebuild muscles atrophied from inactivity due to the extensive surgery he underwent to repair his broken leg, hip and pelvis. He will work into weight bearing rehabilitation program. Hallisky received his injuries during an accident on pit road during the IRL event at Kentucky Speedway.

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