Love was definitely in the air on Saturday May, 12 at the Kentucky 150 ARCA/REMAX race. Crew member Scott Sebastian of the #14 S&L Electric Chevy , driven by Jeff Caudell, was very nervous. Scott had a sign placed on the right rear quarter-panel of the car reading, "Kim, Will You Marry Me?" He wanted a unique way to propose to her and did so in front of approximately 26 thousand people. Scott was more worried that she would say no than yes. The sign was covered until the warm-up laps just before the start. Fugate, who was sitting in the grand stand in turn one, saw the proposal and immediately began waving her arms, accepting the proposal.

After the race there was a congratulatory celebration in the #14 garage area. The team was also celebrating the completion of their first race as a team. Kim was unavailable for comment.