The Toyota Parking Lot is situated on 140 acres of flat land, this gravel space can be formed to meet any need you may have.  Additionally, our convenient pedestrian walk way allows your guests to travel under Highway 35 away from incoming traffic. This space can be utilized for heavy equipment auctions, trade shows, product demonstration or anything else you may have in mind. 

Toyota Parking Lot Specs: 

  • Location: Off of Interstate 71, directly across from the corporate office.
  • Space: 140 acres
  • Parking: 20,000

"No-Man's land was great for our hands on exercises with the construction equipment. Having plenty of space where we could dig, scrape, and drive is a rare quality for many of our training locations. Having it here really allowed us to showcase the controls and power of our New Holland construction equipment. It was also nice to have an area to drive around with the compact tractors and be able to set up boxes for mulch."
Luke Zerby - New Holland