Kentucky Speedway has ADA designated parking throughout its facility in various parking lots.

North side of the track:

  • ADA Parking (Lot E)
  • ADA Parking (Lot G)
  • Front rows of Lot G, H & I

South side of the track:

  • Front rows of Lot C

Kentucky law requires a person using an accessible permit to provide proper documentation to prove the permit is issued to someone in the car. A state-issued placard/tag, supporting documentation (provided by issuing state) and a photo ID are required. Falsified documentation or someone using the vehicle/placard who is not the owner will be subject to Kentucky State Law penalties.

Please be sure to approach the Speedway from the suggested in bound traffic pattern. For traffic pattern maps and information please click here. All parking in ADA accessible lots is first-come, first-serve.


Accessible seating is available for guests visiting Kentucky Speedway. Please contact the ticket office at (859) 578-2300 for more information. Your experience coordinator will be able to give you additional information such as which gate to enter that is closest to your seat.


KENTUCKY SPEEDWAY operates numerous types of shuttle options throughout the event weekend to assist fans. All shuttle services are FREE to guests. Tipping is not necessary, nor permitted. Please note that approximately two-hours prior to the green flag are considered peak times where wait times could be longer. We encourage you to go to your seats early. Please contact the Fan Hotline at 859-567-3440 to request a pick-up.

Golf Carts

There are many golf carts to assist fans on race weekend. Each parking lot will have designated shuttle carts specifically for those with disabilities and families with small children. Golf carts will roam the parking lots to pick up guests to take them to the nearest gate or infield (with proper credentials). Designated ADA shuttle pick up will be located in Lots E, G, H, I & C. The golf carts run on a first-come, first-served basis from the pickup locations. Shuttle carts do not go into the campgrounds. Shuttle carts can drop guests near the gates, but they are not allowed to go inside the gates. See map for pick up locations

Shuttle Vans

Kentucky Speedway has both wheelchair accessible and passenger vans available to fans with disabilities. Please note wheelchair vans are ONLY accessible to those in wheelchairs as they have no seats available for regular passengers. Kentucky Speedway has passenger vans available for those needing assistance along with one (1) accompanying guest. People with mobility issues are given priority. If you are able-bodied but still require assistance, you are encouraged to utilize our bus, trams or golf cart shuttles.


Trams run on the ring road on the exterior of the track and pick up fans from the parking lots. Trams stop outside Gates 10 and 20 on Sprint Cup day. For the safety of our fans trams are unable to complete an entire circle around the track due to increased pedestrian traffic in the display area. Please note the infield tram does not run post-race.


Shuttle buses run from the campgrounds to areas close to the track. Golf carts are available to shuttle fans from Stop 14 on the yellow line (Ponderosa line) and Stop 10 on the blue line (Millionaires Row line). Trams and shuttle golf carts are not permitted in the campgrounds.

Post Event

Guests requiring additional assistance can go to one of the information booths located outside Gates 10, 15, 20 and in the infield Gate 34 to request transportation. Golf carts only take guests to the parking lots. If someone needs to go to the campgrounds a golf cart can drop them off at Bus Stop 14 or Bus Stop 10 and then the guest must take a bus. ADA shuttle vans are available to drop off in both parking lots and the campgrounds. Please note: There is a waiting period for up to 45 mins following the NASCAR Cup race when all shuttle service is held to allow for pedestrian traffic to clear out. Chairs are available for guests at each of the information booth as they wait for an available shuttle. All shuttle services are first-come, first served with priority given to those requiring extra assistance.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome with guests who need assistance. Animals must remain on a leash and harnessed at all times and the owner is responsible for collecting and disposing of waste. It is suggested that if you will be bringing a service animal to please let Kentucky Speedway know for any special arrangements.