Our Kentucky Speedway Ambassadors' Club is passionate about NASCAR and will provide valuable assistance forwarding our mission of customer service, volunteering during events and analyzing operations from a guest perspective.   

Club Members

Bennett Allen, Jr., Allen Curles, AnneMarie Daniel, Bill Pugh, Cale Hagen, Carson Dwayne Hadley, Charles Brown (Ill), Chris Taylor, Cynthia Bultman, Daniel Sileo, David Fowee, Deborah Barnett, Debbie Rauch, Eric Deardorff, Greg Messer, Greg Robbe, J. T. Marsh, James Allen, Jeffrey Pichotta, Jeremy Federer, Jerry Dobson, Jerry Keifer, Jessica Stevenson, Jimmy Supplee, Joel Parquette, Kathy Quebbeman, Kraig Jones, Kristie Todd, Larry Pettet, Leslie Pettet, Lindsey Doyen, Lisa Fisher, Lori Reed, Michael Unser, Nancy Wilson, Patty Good, Randy Woolums, Stephanie Clenney, Stephen Carnes, Stephen Foss, Steven Burriss, Tabitha Browning, and Timothy Phoenix.

We thank you all for your continued service to our venue and team.

Member Comments

"I have been a race fan since 1994, became a student of the NASCAR series and quickly learned there is much more to racing than turning left. As a fan council member and track ambassador, I want to get involved to keep the momentum going by increasing the fan base and creating memorable experiences for families at Kentucky Speedway."
Cynthia Bultman

"What an honor to be part of the Kentucky Speedway Fan Council! As a passionate race fan, I am grateful for this opportunity to collaborate, implement new ideas and enhance an already fantastic race experience."
Stephanie Clenney

"Watching Kentucky Speedway grow from the first removal of dirt into the current amazing racetrack and being a season ticket holder is a dream come true. As a Fan Council member, I'm committed to strive for only the BEST for our speedway and fans."
Diane Cook 

"I wanted to be on the Fan Council to make a contribution and possibly help put people in the seats."
Eric Deardorff

"Having been a lifelong fan of NASCAR along with attending the races at Kentucky Speedway since its inaugural season, I thought it would be fun to be on the Fan Council and help make the our track better. I go to quite a few races each year and enjoy myself, but Kentucky Speedway is my home track!"
Larry Pettet

"Kentucky Speedway is my home track. I have attended almost every race ever held there since its inaugural race in 2000. I also have participated in numerous events and have enjoyed the experiences of running a car on the track, both with driving schools and charity events. I want the track to be here for my kids to enjoy when they grow up."
Jeff Pichotta

"I joined Fan Council because I have been attending NASCAR races since they have had the Sprint Cup races at the speedway. We go as a family and have an awesome time. Everyone is so nice, plus we all love racing."
Kathy Tusing

"I was interested in joining the Fan Council because Kentucky Speedway is my home track. I would like to be part of the group that helps Kentucky Speedway become one of the premier stops on the NASCAR schedule for race fans both young and old."
Randy Woolums